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Joining the staff team is right for you if you believe folks have a right to housing and can overcome debilitating mental health issues while living in community. If you like being part of a small dynamic team of residents, companion animals and caring staff…you will find great satisfaction at this nonprofit.

  • If you have patience to assist folks in meeting their own self determined goals and can set aside your own biases and judgements…you will thrive here. If you prioritize quality of care, a caseload of only 12 and deep dives into excellent care coordination then the Case Manager position is a great fit.

  • If you love helping staff excel, possess proven leadership skills, can manage the big picture while paying attention to detail, take pride in a safe and functional house, and enjoy making individual connections with wonderful people then the Program Manager position would interest you. 

  • If you love the day-to-day interactions of community living, helping a house to function well, and being a safe stable presence then the evening, overnight and weekends shifts would be both satisfying and allow you to prioritize other areas of your life.

Click on the job descriptions below and decide if you are the perfect person to join our team!


Send resumes and cover letters to:
Anji Estrellas, Executive Director at <>

Job Openings

There are no job openings at this time.

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