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Kitchen Manager

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Purpose of Role:

Individuals who come to live at Casa Milagro have experienced homelessness and/or mental health challenges that have necessitated their engagement with supportive and subsidized housing. One cause of displacement (homelessness) is the reality that some individuals struggle with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or instrumental Activities of Daily Living (iADLS). These include: cooking (planning, preparing, and cooking meals), house cleaning and organizing, shopping (purchasing groceries, clothing and other items), transportation (arranging a ride service, public transportation, or driving), personal finances (paying bills and budgeting accurately), and others. The ability to maintain ADLs is hindered by the mental health challenges and symptoms which people experience. 


The KITCHEN MANAGER role engages the Casa Milagro resident community in several of the crucial ADLs at once by providing clear structure and support for the daily meal program at Casa Milagro. 

At the time they move into Casa Milagro, residents agree to engage with the meal program as a key part of their daily/weekly program participation. The vision is that the KITCHEN MANAGER, along with other staff, meets the residents where they are in their ability to maintain the ADLs related to the meal program. Likely, at first, the level of support will be relatively high. However, the resident’s engagement with the program will gradually lead to the development of more independence in the kitchen. The kitchen manager supports residents in this growth trajectory, as well as maintaining the organization and functioning of the community kitchen overall. 

Kitchen Manager Job Duties Include: 

  • Working with Casa Milagro individual residents to support each in choosing a simple weekly meal to cook for the whole community. The meal plan needs to be close in complexity to what residents might try to cook if they lived independently. (We do not want to overburden staff with meals that are too far beyond the level that the resident can accomplish.) 

  • Drafting and posting a weekly meal plan of resident meals. 

  • Making at least one grocery shopping trip per week with resident(s) to replenish food supplies and ingredients for weekly menu items, as needed. 

  • Communicating clearly with residents what Casa Milagro will and will not provide as part of their supportive services program, and maintaining those boundaries.  

  • Supervising and/or supporting resident(s) scheduled to clean the kitchen before dinner preparation begins to make sure this chore is done, as well as residents scheduled to clean the kitchen after dinner. 

  • Practicing a trauma-informed approach to resident engagement as part of an overall therapeutic program designed to support wellness recovery.

  • Participating as an integral part of the overall staff team – communicating behavioral health observations, resident strengths, challenges, breakdowns, breakthroughs, etc. with the rest of the staff. 

  • Help residents develop goals to support independent cooking skills or stress management while cooking. Process obstacles as they arise. Collaborate with Community Support Worker to help support these goals.

  • Purchasing any needed kitchen equipment and supplies.

  • Maintaining the organization and efficiency of the kitchen, including the weekly chore of cleaning the refrigerators. 

  • Do special event/holiday menu planning. Support residents with cooking those days or plan support as needed.


Terms, Pay, and Benefits 

  • Part-time or full-time options depending on availability to also perform shift work 

  • $27.50/hour ($454.17 monthly) 

  • For part-time employees who work regularly weekly shifts, we offer a health stipend. 

  • Sick leave according to NM law.

  • Looking for someone to begin training as soon as possible.

If interested, please send a cover letter, resume, and 2-3 references to Desiree Bernard at For more information about Casa Milagro, please visit our website at Thanks!


Evening and Weekend Community Support Staff

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Employment Status: Non-exempt
Reports to: Program Manager

Pay Rate: 

  • Depends on experience and education; baseline (minimum) pay rate $18/hr.

  • Healthcare cost reimbursement for full and part time staff ($200/month)

  • Paid Leave Time for full time staff

Schedule:  Full Time or Part Time available


Casa Milagro is a community-based home and program for individuals experiencing homelessness who are also living with (recovering from) disabling mental health conditions. We strive to provide a safe, supportive, and uplifting environment for the recovery, growth, and optimal thriving of all we serve. We offer permanent supportive housing (PSH), which includes coordination of health care, a daily nutrition and household work program, assistance with medication, community-life activities, and around-the-clock presence. We are currently hiring support staff who provide direct support to those we serve and help maintain the positive functioning of the home during evenings and weekends.


  • Abide by confidentiality agreement to maintain resident rights to privacy.

  • Maintain a nonjudgmental attitude and ‘unconditional positive regard’ for residents.

  • Oversee medication administration for all residents and maintain precise records in the Medication Administration Record (MAR).

  • Oversee and encourage resident participation in community daily work and activities programs.

  • When time permits, find creative, positive ways of engaging with residents.

  • Attend ‘all-staff’ meetings and proactively offer insights and suggestions regarding how staff might adapt to emergent needs.

  • Provide crisis management and conflict mediation, as needed.

  • Communicate with program supervisors in crisis situations and communicate with emergency services as needed.


The most important qualifications/characteristics for a person in this community support role are:

  • Good listening skills with a trauma-informed lens (ability to listen to difficult expressions);

  • Good communication skills;

  • An ability to maintain calm;

  • An ability to maintain healthy boundaries;

  • The ability to encourage others who may be struggling without losing patience;

  • An ability to attend to details, particularly for maintaining medication administration records;

  • A team-oriented, collaborative mindset;

  • A desire to serve others in times of acute hardship and a curiosity about how they might achieve recovery, healing, wellness;

  • An awareness of implicit bias and openness to challenging oneself and others to overcome it;

  • Flexibility in scheduling.

To apply for this position, send a cover letter, resume, and 2-3 references to Desirée Bernard at

For more information visit:

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