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To provide a sustainable, safe, and therapeutic home that nurtures the well-being and thriving of each of our formerly homeless residents.

Thank you, Desiree!

After six and a half years of tenure, Desirée Bernard, B.A, MDiv. moved on from Casa Milagro in August to have travel adventures and start a new position in the environmental field.

Desiree brought her passion for community building and a commitment to taking the climate crisis seriously to Casa Milagro. She accomplished many wonderful things during her time here, highlights include, solarizing the main house, greatly expanding funding, improving staff salaries, creating garden spaces, remodeling a casita for expanded office space, creating caring relationships with the community residents and bringing both passion and profound dedication to Casa Milagro’s mission. We greatly appreciate Desirée and wish her the best in her new endeavor! 

Welcome, Anji!

Anji Estrellas, MA is Casa Milagro 's new Executive Director.

Anji has worked from student intern to an Executive Director and many roles in between. In her career she has focused on work with trauma survivors and understands the intersection between mental health, addiction and the right to safe housing. More about Anji

Anji headshot - Copy.jpg

Casa Milagro was founded upon the premise that belonging and knowing oneself as a part of larger whole is one of the most powerful healing forces. In this place, we destigmatize mental health disorders and foster acceptance through shared commitments to the simple realities and necessities of community life.


Personal Empowerment

Too commonly, people are not nurtured in being who we really want to be in the world. Instead we are told that we have to fit other people’s expectations above all else. At Casa Milagro, we shape a resident’s service plan around what the resident wants and envisions for their own life. What do you really want? How can we support you in moving towards that?

Artistic Expression

Casa Milagro has had and still has many artists in residence! We have an art room brimming with materials of all kinds of colors and textures, at the ready for anyone looking to express thoughts and feelings in new forms. In the past, residents have shared their art with the wider community through participating in “Inside Out Santa Fe”-- an annual art show featuring the work of artists living with mental illness.


Animal Companions

Tigris, our house cat of several years, and resident's companion animals, hang out in our home, play by our feet during our community meetings, warm our laps, and bring joy and unconditional love to Casa Milagro. We recognize the healing power of animals and embrace their presence amongst us.

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